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Our Story - Developing Pre-DX

The owners of Pre-DX worked for a company that had a "good" nerve supplement product. Studies and data supported the product's ability to improve a diabetic patient’s quality of life as well as numerous patient success stories. As sales grew, the company increased the price, making the product unaffordable. Most patients were on Medicare or a fixed income and discontinued the medication. This was frustrating for both the patients and the Doctor's.

The owners of SHC took their 30 plus years of combined pharmaceutical experience, put together a consulting team and created not just a "good" product, but a great product. Pre-DX is a cost-effective way to address the symptoms of Nerve Disorders, fight against inflammation and oxidative stress and help boost the immune system - improving people’s overall health. A specialty supplement beneficial to all people, especially people with low levels of vitamin D, B12, folate or elevated Homocysteine – common problems associated with diabetes, prediabetes (elevated A1C’s) and the aging population.

Pre-DX is a powerful nutrient that has 16 necessary ingredients working synergistically, which allows the patient to take less medication with an increased effectiveness. To increase the potency, Pre-DX comes in a time delayed capsule, bypassing the stomach acid and increasing absorption by the small intestine.

We developed Pre-DX because we wanted to assist our practitioners with a product that is safe, efficacious and affordable. Our goal was to help improve the patient’s quality of life. This is what we have done by developing Pre-DX!  

Pre-DX is a product of Southeast Healthcare Consultants, LLC.

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