3 = Excellent  
2 = Good  
1 = Needs Improving  
3 All good - service and product.  My feet have not felt this good in years.  I so remember nights I cried with pain in my toes and couldn't stand even a sheet over them.  I keep getting more feeling back in my feet and so much more comfortable.  May even have a little more energy that I can attribute to these pills.  Thanks you for a good product at a reasonable price.
3 Great product with good measurable results.  Great dealing with the owner - responds quickly to email.
3 Your product is so effective I now have my son taking it.  Also, Joe Hunter is great at customer service!
3 Great company to deal with. Great product at a great price. 
3 Great product, great price. Quick shipping. Best product out there, especially for the price. 
3 Hey Joe,   Initially, you might remember we started out on a rocky road. When you changed the shipping method, it's been smooth sailing.  Thanks for the email reminder for re-ordering.
3 I appreciate the fact that I had options for several different amounts of the product.  Thank you, Sharon 
3 It's always nice when you order Pre-Dx.  The service is outstanding and so is it reps.  No complaints at all.  Very pleased.
3 Nice to have an attentive person in charge, keep up the good work.
3 Quick and easy, on time as promised.
3 Quick service and constant mailing updates from purchase to delivery.
3 Well organized web site and easy to navigate.
3 always quick and efficient
3 Easy
3 Easy to order and change the address for shipping, all in all, the ordering reflects the quality of the company and product.
3 Easy to reorder
3 Everything is great with the automatic refill and the delivery. Couldn't ask for any better service. Thank you. 
3 everything was fine. no problems at all. thanks
3 Excellent service!
3 experience was great.
3 Fast and easy.
3 Fast ordering fast delivery.
3 Fast shipping!
3 Great!
3 Great😁
2 I love the product, but some how the dates got mixed up.  Today 11/11/17 I opened a bottle of Pre-DX that was in my medicine cabinet and also received a bottle in the mail.  I now have a 4 month supply on hand.  Please do not ship another bottle until April 2018.  Thank you very much. 
2 I was informed via email as my product was on its way. The service was good. I am still in the beginning of use of the product, so I can't comment as to efficacy yet, but would gladly update my feedback once I have at least finished my first bottle.
2 I'm on auto refill and it works just fine.
2 It is always great!
2 It was simple yet easy to place an order
2 Nice to have auto refill
2 On time. Excellent shipping status feedback
2 On-line ordering is simple and the product arrives quickly. 
2 Ordering online was easy.  Shipping was fast with timely status messages.  I like that your customers can REPLY to your emails.
2 Our doc recommends for lowering homocysteine and risk of Alzheimers
2 Positive good service
2 Received product fast with no problems
2 Seamless automatic service; well done.
2 So far it's been good
2 The auto ship is a nice option.
2 The website makes it easy to order and the follow-up is excellent. Very good customer service.
2 user friendly the website.
2 Very easy to work with in straightening out my order and how often to refill.
2 Very fast shipping!
1 Attempted to use discount coupon code you gave for next order but didn't work. Charged regular price. Was little disappointed. 
1 I did not reorder yet I got an email that it was on the way.  There is no phone number to call.  Charging way more then promised.  REPLY:  $38.50 FOR 2 MONTH SUPPLY, NOT ONE - 60 COUNT BOTTLES
1 I have only taken two weeks out of my last 6 month supply and I received another 6 month supply today.  What do I do now?  Will the new shipment be free as I do not need it for 5 1/2 months and should not have to pay for it now and with Christmas I was not planning on a $100.00+ payment now.  I think your automatic renewal system does not work well.  I hope to hear from you soon. 
1 I have plenty of vitamins left. I would prefer waiting a bit longer, about another week, now two weeks for my refill.  REPLY:  CHANGED ORDER DATE IN SYSTEM
1 I inadvertently left the box checked for automatic shipments, so I received a double supply this month. Please uncheck  the automatic delivery feature. I'll order when needed. Thank you. 
1 I only received 3 vials of 60 capsules each, rather than the 6 I ordered and paid $239. Order # was 1620.I assume you will send the other 3 vials asap. Please inform me.  REPLY:  SENT ADDITIONAL BOTTLES
1 I wanted a three month supply, but you sent me a nine month supply.
1 I went to your site and opened my account.  I proceeded to extend my next order to June 2018.  The next thing that happened I received an email and a package in the mail with another order.  I may have mistakenly done something wrong myself but, I thought it was pretty straight forward.  REPLY: CORRECTED AUTO ORDER DATE
1 My shipment was short, I ordered 2 bottles and was charged for 2 at $81.95. But only received 1. I have tried emailing the email address on your website to get this corrected, but the email address is not working. Please respond! Both myself and husband take this, but I will not order again if you don’t make this right.  REPLY: FIXED PROBLEM, SENT ADDITIONAL BOTTLE
1 On 11/23 you confirmed order #1295,I notified you I had 2 full bottles from last order.You refunded order # 1295 and on 11/24 you again confirmed order # 1299. I have 125 capsules at this time and will notify you when I need another order, thank you  REPLY:  DELAYED AUTO ORDER, EASY PROCESS
1 The site is hard to navigate around in.  I was thinking about signing up for the automatic refill which gives a lower price, but I could not get to it, so I gave up and decided to just do it on my own.  Needs to be more user friendly

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Cancellation and Refunds

Pre-DX subscriptions can be cancelled at any time for any reason.  We also will refund 100% of your purchase price with no questions asked.  You do NOT need to return the product.

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